Air Conditioner Freezing Up – What You Need More about It?

A common complaint among homeowners is that their central air conditioner is freezing up. If this is true for you then you may want to consider performing a maintenance check. Failure to have the issue properly diagnosed could lead to long-lasting damage to this critical unit. While there are, in fact, many reasons your air conditioner is freezing up the normal defendant is the refrigerant levels. There might be a leak in one of those lines or it is just come to an end. When this happens the coil starts to get really cold and ice starts to form on it.AIR CONDITIONER

It builds and builds and over a few days, possibly weeks, it grows to a big block of ice. Over time this causes damage to your compressor the huge block unit on the exterior of your home. To prevent this you want to make sure your refrigerant levels are routinely checked once a year so as to avoid this from happening. A quick solution to ice forming is shutting off your compressor, while letting the fans still operate, so the surplus ice melts.

The evaporator coil also needs a Fantastic place to drain its surplus condensation. You will notice some form of pipe or tube attached to it for this use and get more information here Whether this device becomes blocked, some way, it can result in a huge build up that could damage your unit and make it to freeze up. If you should observe that the problem is becoming worse over time then you want to call a certified HVAC technician to come out and locate the specific place where the flow is and fix the issue.

Another quick fix is simply changing out the air conditioner filter. You would not believe how many homeowners allow several years go by in between them doing so. These filters are in the most 10 and ensuring they stay unclogged is among the easiest and most affordable ways to preventing costly issues with your air conditioner. A dirty filter will limit decent air flow which in turns will diminish the cooling point of the evaporator coil under its normal freezing point. You want to inspect all of the vents and keep on top of them remaining debris clean and free.

Lastly, you want to look at the thermostat. It is rare but occasionally it is not the fundamental A/c a unit that is malfunctioning but the device thermostat controlling it. Not only should you place your interior temperature 15 degrees lower than the temperature outside but you want to get it inspected once every several decades.

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