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Other safety issues pertain to smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire escape routes,

door locks, first floor windows, and first floor sliding glass doors. Environmental health hazards

may exist due to lead paint, asbestos, or formaldehyde some of which could be found in construction materials used in construction before 1978. Insist on vendor disclosures about the existence of any hazards. Do not buy it without procuring the recommendations of an expert if the construction is suspect.

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Hazardous substance Improvements reunite with rents that are higher. You need to secure a discount in cost, to take care of environmental problems. As safety against break-ins, test doors and windows to confirm that they lock to. Dead bolt door locks operate. Security is also provided by door peepholes. Tenants want to feel secure. Many tenants would not let the unit no matter its features When windows, door locks, and doors look flimsy. Stairs, Cabinets, and Bathrooms need to any measures or stair.

railings which might be dangerous or loose. Bathtubs and rugs without handrails and bottoms provoke drops.

Remedy every safety or Security hazard within the house. If modification or a repair does not lift your lease collections, tenants are protected by it and reduce the possibility of a lawsuit.

Although many potential tenants looked in the components, Griswold reports, our lease-up went slow and exemptions remained high. Clearly, I was attempting to define and induce the leasing market and.

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prospective tenants to adapt to my understanding of their needs. [When it dawned on me that I would need to change my strategy ] I started to examine potential tenants’ comments and listen to their requirements. I discovered that there was a strong marketplace for college and graduate students but they chose to live independently.

Griswold then Discovered that college and grad students wanted place to study or work from roommates without interference or noise. With this more accurate picture of needs, he says, I understood that I could promote these exact same two-bedroom, one-bath components to this new target market. I revised my marketing campaign and changed my ads in the college newspaper to see,’1-Bedroom and den.’

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