Rainbow Obsidian Gemstone – Healing Properties, Uses, Similarities And Care

Much the same as most semi-valuable stones, Rainbow Obsidian additionally has a place with mineral cause. It is found in an incredibly delightful ocean green, ocean blue and tones of blue-green hues. The dark and translucent diaphaneity of the stone alongside vitreous patina or complexity gritty gloss structures phenomenal designed stones. A few of these stones show structures that resemble a globe. The word is shaped from Greek words Chrysos that signifies ‘gold’ and kola that signifies ‘stick’. In early stage times, this stone was widely utilized by goldsmiths to weld the metal gold.


Rainbow Obsidian has a place with the copper family. It is a copper silicate mineral found in cleft of copper store. It is a mineral of copper. Rainbow Obsidian is a formless sort of crystal and as a rule contains some measure of aluminum and quartz. The quartz either mixes in with the copper silicate mineral or structures a layer of quartz superficially. The stone is liberally found in Australia, Zaire, USA, Chile, Israel and England.

Rainbow Obsidian

Recuperating Properties

The mitigating blue-green shade of the stone is accepted to empower smoothness, harmony, genuine love, tolerance, imagination and instinct in one’s life. Other than advancing mental prosperity, Rainbow Obsidian is thought to have restorative recuperating properties. It should recuperate throat related illnesses, ulcers and issues. Consistent with its properties, the cool alleviating shading is known to have a quieting impact on regular medicinal issues like fever and minor consumes.


As rainbow obsidian gemstone is atypical crystal its structure and appearance is reniform, botryoidal or stalactitic. It is found as immense round balls or dynamic shapes that have stringy vein like plan between them. Rainbow Obsidian is an amazingly delicate mineral stone and henceforth is once in a while utilized in adornments structures. It weighs just 2.5 to 3.5 in hardness on Mohs scale. Albeit low in hardness, there are numerous modest faceted Rainbow Obsidian gemstones accessible in the market that are utilized in costly and valuable adornments.

Other than restrictive gems, the stone is broadly accessible as cabochons. Rainbow Obsidian cabochons are anything but difficult to make because of the stones common drusy surface. Silver, sterling silver and platinum metal supplements this stone well. Copper strings and light shaded globules coordinate well with the stone and increase the mending properties of the stone.

Similitudes with Other Stones

Rainbow Obsidian has mineral sythesis likenesses with different stones and are regularly mistaken for Turquoise and Azurite. Aside from these two, it additionally shares shared characteristics with Limonite and Malachite. Numerous different stones that have comparable shading mixes that can be confused with Rainbow Obsidian are Simthstone, Variscite, Allophane and Chalcedony of green and blue shading. The shades of these stones could be either excessively dim or excessively light. Generally a solitary shading like green or blue in Chalcedony gemstone would be progressively predominant.

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