The Record-Journal Online
The Record-Journal Online
Church/Community Announcements: are free as long as there are no personal
messages and the event is
not being charged for (love offerings do not count). Please
keep the announcement to one paragraph with who is presenting the event, what the
event is, date, time, where it will be held and contact information. If the event is a
benefit for charity please provide the 501C number.
Aquaculture Marketing Workshop
The Alabama Fish Farm Center will host a remote broadcast from Auburn
University of a workshop for aquaculture producers in Alabama looking
for ways to diversify their business with direct marketing opportunities.  
Workshop topics include information on regulatory oversight, personal
and business liability, and various methods for direct marketing
aquaculture products.  The remote broadcast can be viewed on Tues.,
April 22 at 10 a.m.-3 p.m., at the Alabama Fish Farm Center in
Greensboro. Lunch will not be provided.  For further information, call the
Alabama Fish Farm Center at (334) 624-4016.

Union Chapel C. M. E. Pre-Mother’s Day Extravaganza
Union Chapel C. M. E. Church in Ward presents the Pre-Mother’s Day
Extravaganza on Sat., May 3 at 11 a.m. - until. The fun includes a Mother’
s Day Essay Contest for Children ages 6-18 (different age categories)
with awards to first place in each category, Fabulous Fashion Show,
guest speakers Evangelist Dorothy Wilson, Pastor Willie Marie Gilmore,
and other, musical guests, praise dance, free make overs and lunch will
be served. Call Mary Turnage at 205-392-9067 for more information.
Rev. Dr. Jacguelyn Caldwell-Phillips is pastor.

Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church Easter Program
We, the Pastor and members of Morning Star Missionary Baptist of
Bellamy cordially invite you to worship with us in our annual Church
Easter Program and morning worship service Sun., April 20 at 9:30 a.m.
Our very own esteemed Pastor Calvin Finch will deliver the message.
Breakfast will be served from 8 - 9 a.m. Please come out and help us
celebrate the risen Savior. Done by order of the church. Rev. Calvin
Finch is pastor and Sis. Belinda Nation is secretary.

Ladies Luncheon Event May 3
On Saturday morning at 10 a.m. on May 3 a area ladies luncheon,
“Leading the Way,” is scheduled to begin at Livingston First Baptist
Church. The first part of the event will celebrate 125 years of women’s
leadership and missions in the area Baptist churches through displays
and testimonies. This year the national Southern Baptist primary
missions organization, Women’s Missionary Union, has an anniversary
celebration. After a catered lunch, Meredith Edmonds, Livingston native,
who has served as a Journeyman with the International Mission Board will
speak about her work in London and display slides of her experiences.
Meredith is a professional accountant and has become a seasoned
traveller. This will be an enjoyable experience for all women of the area.
The lunch will be the $8 (payable at the door.) Dor prizes will be given.
The youth of the host church will assist with the luncheon. The event is
sponsored by the Bigbee Baptist Association.

Family Reunion
To all family members (Crumpton, Townsend, Ports and others): There
will be a meeting April 19 at 3:30 at the elderly apt club house. All family
members are asked to please come out to talk about the family reunion,
so please call me, Earlie M. Crumpton at 205-392-3981.

SPB Prevention Cost-Share Program Announced  for Alabama’s Forest
For a limited time, financial assistance is being offered to help non-
industrial private forest landowners protect pine stands from their number
one cause of mortality, bark beetle infestation. Approximately $160,000 is
allocated for this Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) Prevention cost-share
program, which is administered by the Alabama Forestry Commission in
partnership with the USDA Forest Service. The program’s main objective
is to prevent SPB outbreaks in Alabama forests by helping landowners
reduce the susceptibility of their pines to the deadly pests.
Cost-share applications are available at local county offices of the
Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC). Interested forest landowners must
return completed applications to the local AFC county office by the
deadline of Friday, May 30, 2014.
Existing loblolly, shortleaf, or Virginia pine stands that are 10 to 100
acres in size are eligible for an incentive payment under this cost-share
program. Forest management activities funded under the program
include pre-commercial thinning and prescribed burning of pine stands.
The incentive cost is $80 per acre for pre-commercial thinning of
overstocked and high SPB hazard pine stands and $10 per acre for
understory burning of high SPB hazard pine stands. If a borax treatment
is used while conducting a pre-commercial thinning on a pine stand, the
incentive cost is $90 per acre. Landowners that apply for the cost-share
program must receive pre-approval from the AFC before initiating the
management practice.
Southern pine beetles are the primary killer of pines in Alabama, with
unmanaged and overcrowded stands of southern pines susceptible to
attack. Epidemic populations of this bark beetle occur periodically in the
state, destroying hundreds of acres of pines. If not controlled, these
expanding populations can devastate entire stands causing millions of
dollars in damage. For additional inquiries, contact AFC Forest Health
Coordinator Dana Stone by telephone at (334) 240-9363 or email at
The mission of the Alabama Forestry Commission is to protect and
sustain Alabama’s forest resources using professionally applied
stewardship principals and education, ensuring that the state’s forests
contribute to abundant timber and wildlife, clean air and water, and a
healthy economy. To learn more about the AFC or locate the nearest
county office, visit

Galilee Baptist Church The Seven Last Words Uttered From The Cross
Rev. Dr. B. Nelson Little and the Galilee Baptist Church Family of Panola
will host 'The Seven Last Words Uttered From The Cross' on Good
Friday, April 18 at 7 p.m.  Come out and be blessed from the many
speakers, Ministers etc.

Galilee Baptist Church Easter Services
Rev. Dr. B. Nelson Little and the Galilee Baptist Church Family of Panola
will observe Easter Services and Church Anniversary Sunday, April 20 at
10 a.m.  Rev. Tyrone Thomas of the Morning Star Baptist Church of
Livingston, AL will bring the message.  Come out and let us rejoice- for
he is RISEN.

Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church Mount Herman Annual Institute
of Christian Education
The Mount Herman District Annual Institute of Christian Education will be
held at the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church-Livingston, – Rev.
Tyrone Thomas-Pastor on Mon., April 28 - Thurs., May 1 beginning
nightly at 5:30 p.m.  The classes will begin at 6 p.m.  Courses as
followers: Course #1007-Introduction to the Old Testament:  Rev. Tyrone
Thomas, Course #1072-Introduction to the New Testament: Rev. Richard
Wilson, Jr., Course #2011-Baptist Doctrine:  Rev. Edward Culbert,
Course #6021-Spiritual Formation:  Rev. Charles H. Delaine, Course
#9005-Writing Techniques II:  Mrs. Eleanor R. Randolph.
The classes will end on Wednesday night.  On Thursday night, May 1 the
Youths will be competing in their first Oratorical Contest.  Each church is
asked to give $35.00 for the schools operation.
Deacon Eddie Green, President
Mount Herman Sunday School & Congress of Christian Education
Reverend Charles H. Delaine, Dean   
2014 Oratorical contest requirements:   Category I:   Grades 1-3 Recite-
The Lord’s Prayer,  Category II:  Grades 4-6 Recite-Psalm 23, Category
III: Grades 7-9 Recite-I Corinthians 13:1-13, Category IV:  Grades 10-12
Essay on Living with Solid Rock Guidance  Psalm 31:3

Black Bluff Bapist Church Youth Spring Revival Service
Black Bluff Bapist Church, 7183 Sumter 42 Whitfield, York invites you
coridally to the Youth Spring Revival Service at 7:30 p.m. Weds. - Fri.,
April 16 - 18. Associate pastor Rev. Coley Rogers and the Mt. Pisgah
Church Family will be the evangelist and guests.  Dr. O. L. Sealy is
church pastor and Sis. D. Goodwin is program director.

Livingston Safety Dept. Easter Egg Hunt
Join us Sat., April 19 starting at 11 a.m. at Livingston Jaycee Park for
food, games prizes and more for kids age 1-10. Sponsored by Livingston
Police Department and Livingston Fire and Rescue.

Public Libraries to Have
Fine Forgiveness Weeks
The Ruby Pickens Tartt Public Library in Livingston adn Hightower
Memorial Library in York will be offering patrons a chance to bring back
overdue library m aterials and not have to pay fines.
Patrons who have returned overdue materials but still owe a fine may
also have their fines forgiven if they come to the Library and request the
fine to be forgiven.  This Fine Forgiveness period will  run from April 10-
This is a one-time only chance to return those long overdue books and
not have to pay a fine.  Those wishing to have their fines forgiven should
bring in their library card and a photo id.  Now is the time to clear your
record at the public library and enjoy using the resources available to
you at the library.

Shady Grove Baptist Church Sunrise Service
Sunrise Service to be held at the Shady Grove Baptist Church of
Livingston on the third Sunday in this month (April 20) at 5:30 a.m.
Everyone is invited. Rev. John Powell, Pastor and Sis. Eleanor Randolph,

Easter Sunrise Service at Livingston Community Center
Community Easter Sunrise service at the Livingston Community Center
beginning at 6:30 a.m.

Livingston First Baptist Church Ladies Event
This year's Ladies event hosted at Livingston First Baptist Church will
take place on May 3, 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Part of the event will be focused
on women's leadership and mission projects from the past in area Baptist
churches. Meredith Edmonds, who has served 2 years in London with the
International Mission Board, will report on her experiences after the
catered lunch.

Galilee Baptist Church Annual Easter Program & Church Anniversary
Rev. Dr. B. Nelson Little & the Galilee Baptist Church Family of Panola
will Celebrate Our Annual Easter Program & Church Anniversary on
Sun., April 20 beginning with 10 a.m. Morning Service.  Pastor Tyrone
Thomas of the Morning Star Baptist Church of Livingston will deliver the

Aliceville Middle School Barbeque Contest
Aliceville Middle School is sponsoring a Barbeque Contest on Sat., May
3, at the school in Aliceville, (Pickens County)!  Contestants from far and
wide are invited to enter the contest.  The entry fee is the amount of
meat to serve 10 plates.  All meat must be cooked at the school.  The
types of meat to be judged are Boston Butt, Ribs, and Chicken.  Judging
will begin at 12:30pm.  First prize is a trophy, an apron, and $100.00.  
Second prize is a trophy and grill tools.  AMS will provide water and a
space to setup and cook your entry.  Contact Mr. Rhonald Randolph at
the school (205-373-6900) or at home (205-367-7625) for information.
All political candidates are invited to attend this event. Come out and
support your community school!  See you May 3.
Aliceville Middle School, 1000 Columbus Road, Aliceville, Alabama
35442, Ph. 205-373-6900

Trematode Control Workshop for Catfish Farmers
Catfish farmers are invited to attend an important workshop concerning
the Bolbophorus trematode parasite that has caused high mortality and
decreased production in commercial catfish ponds this past year.  The
workshop will concentrate on methods of controlling snails and pelicans
which carry different stages of the life cycle of the parasite.  The
workshop will be held on Mon., April 21 at Alabama Fish Farming Center
in Greensboro at 10 a.m. till 12 noon.  Featured speakers will be
researchers from Auburn University and USDA Wildlife Services.  Call the
Alabama Fish Farming Center at 334-624-4016 for more information.

Sumter Fire Arts Council Presents Mississippi Symphony
On Thursday evening, April 24 the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra,
under the direction of Maestro Crafton Beck, will perform a concert of
orchestral favorites and light classics at the University of West Alabama
in Bibb Graves Auditorium.  The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m.  Tickets
available at the venue. Sumter County Fine Arts Council members and
UWA students are admitted free.  UWA students must provide a valid
student I.D.

Farmers Market Nutrition Programs
The Goals of the Farmers market Nutrition Programs (FMNPs): To
provide fresh, nutritious, unprepared, locally grown fresh fruits,
vegetables and herbs from farmers markets and roadside stands to  low-
income seniors and nutrionally at risk women and children.
To increase domestic consumption of agricultural commodities by
expanding or aiding in the expansion of farmers markets, roadside
stands, and community supported agriculture programs.
To develop or aid in the development of new and additional farmers
markers, roadside stands, and community supported agriculture
programs. You can sign up to receive your vouchers by going to www. or call and come by the Sumter County
Extension Office, 106 Hospital Drive, Livingston, Alabama 35470, 205-
652-9501, Willie Lampley.

SUPER Teacher Program applications due May 16
Deadline is nearing for applications to the SUPER Teacher Institutes.
Applications must be made by May 16.
SUPER Teacher Program provides graduate-level, content-rich,
professional development of the highest quality to outstanding 4th-12th
grade public and private school teachers, school librarians and
administrators who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge of a
particular subject or theme within the humanities.
The 2014 institutes focus on topics such as WWI, Parisian culture, slave
narratives, Battle of Mobile Bay, Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird,
digital humanities and social movements in Latin America.
SUPER participants are afforded a rare and invaluable opportunity to join
their peers and distinguished university professors in an intensive
exploration of curriculum-relevant topics through directed readings,
lectures, extensive analytical and critical discussions, film viewings,
writing exercises, field trips and cultural experiences.

Special Education Records To Be Destroyed
The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) has scheduled the
destruction of certain special education records for May 1, 2014.  
Records to be destroyed pertain to special education complaints filed
between March 1, 2008, and March 31, 2009, special education
mediation records maintained between March 1, 2008, and March 31,
2009, and special education due process hearing requests filed between
January 1, 2006, and December 31, 2007.
If you are the parent of a child (or a student aged 19 or older, or a former
student aged 19 or older) involved in a special education complaint, a
special education mediation, or a due process hearing, with records
maintained at the ALSDE during this timeframe, you may request the
complaint records, mediation records, or due process hearing records,
pertaining to your child (or yourself), by mailing or faxing a signed, written
authorization to release the records to:
Ms. Camilla Gibson or Mr. Clark Waggoner,  Alabama State Department
of Education, Special Education Services, P.O. Box 302101,
Montgomery, AL 36130-2101; Fax: (334) 242-9192.
The letter should include the student’s name, current mailing address,
and telephone number. Unless we receive a signed, written request for
the complaint records, mediation records, or due process hearing
records, these records will be destroyed on May 1, 2014.
If you have questions, please contact Ms. Gibson or Mr. Waggoner at
(334) 242-8114.

UAB 5th Statewide High School Programming Contest
On May 17 UAB Computer & Information Science Department will host its
fifth state-wide programming contest for high school students. Dr. Alan
Sprague, Professor of CIS invites teachers to encourage their talented
students in all high schools throughout the state to participate in this
competition. In the contest, students will be asked to demonstrate their
programming skills and problem solving abilities by attempting to solve
several programming problems within a three-hour period.  Awards and
recognition will be given in both individual and team categories. All
participants will receive a participation certificate. For more information
contact Dr. Alan Sprague, Professor, CIS at

Send Us Your Black Belt Region Turkey Photos and Recipes
The Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association is adding something new
to its annual Big Gobbler Turkey Photo Contest. Something tasty.
This year’s contest also gives you the chance to send in your favorite
recipe for turning your prized wild turkey kill into a delicious meal. And not
only will you get to show off your big bird and your recipe on ALBBAA’s
Facebook page, you also will get the opportunity to win a $100 gift
certificate from Bass Pro Shops.
Turkey season began March 15 and ends April 30. The Big Gobbler
Photo and the Wild Turkey Recipe contests run now through May 14.
The photo contest is open to anyone who bagged his or her bird in any
of the 23 counties that comprise Alabama’s Black Belt. The recipe
contest is open to anyone who lives or hunts in a Black Belt county.
Alabama Black Belt counties are Barber, Bullock, Butler, Choctaw,
Clarke, Conecuh, Crenshaw, Dallas, Greene, Hale, Lee, Lowndes,
Macon, Marengo, Monroe, Montgomery, Perry, Pickens, Pike, Russell,
Sumter, Tuscaloosa and Wilcox.
To enter the photo contest, email your pictures to Amanda Ingram at  
HYPERLINK "" You can also text
them to her at 334-300-6616. There will be children and adult categories.
Be sure to include your name, age, hometown and the county in which
you harvested the turkey.
Wild Turkey Recipe contest entrants should also email or text their
recipes to Ingram. Photos of your turkey dish are helpful but optional. Be
sure to list any trimmings and side dishes. The recipes could be included
in a later cookbook featuring favorite Black Belt dishes.
Entries in both contests will be posted on the Alabama Black Belt
Adventures Association’s Facebook page, and the number of likes will
determine winners.
The Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association is committed to
promoting and enhancing outdoor recreation and tourism opportunities in
the Black Belt in a manner that provides economic and ecological
benefits to the region and its citizens.
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below to read more about
the event