The Record-Journal Online
The Sumter County Record Journal is located at 210 S. Washington Street in
Livingston, Ala., across from the Sumter County Court House and the historic Board
Well landmark. The Sumter County Record Journal is a combination of s
everal historic
papers in Sumter County and has been serving the county for o
ver 130 years now.

If you want to look up historic papers in bound volumes, please go to the Sumter County
Probate Judges office, located on the courthouse square in Livingston, Ala. or check
with the University of West Alabama Library.

Tommy McGraw - Owner and publisher since 1990, Tommy has been in the newspaper
industry for over 30 years and is a member of the Alabama Press Association (APA), having
served on the APA Board of Directors and the APA Foundation Board.

Herman Ward - Associate editor and advertising sales, Herman has worked in the newspaper  
industry for nearly 30 years. A writer even in his spare time, Herman has been a published
song, short story and scripts. In addition to newspapers and writing, he began his radio career
in 1997 as a radio announcer for news and information.

Kasey DeCastra - Community News Editor, Kasey has been with the Sumter County Record
Journal for nearly a decade. A graphic designer at heart, she has worked in graphic design
since 2003. At SCRJ and Moundville Times she edits incoming stories, lays out pages, designs
advertisements, manages the legals, writes community and sports stories, uploads the website
and manages the office.

Rickitta Martin - Sports Editor & Circulation, Rickitta started at SCRJ in 2012. She writes and
edits sports stories, reports at events when she can, manages the circulation, designs ads and
manages the office.

Dexter Thornton, Jr. - Composition, Dexter began his career at SCRJ in 2013. Hailing from
UWA and MUSE, Dexter manages the office, designs ads, reports at events when he can. He
also designed logos such as Tucker Cabinetry's.