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November 24, 2016

Holiday Deadlines
Everything must be in by Nov. 18 for the 24th edition. We have to go to press early and will be closed for the week of Nov. 21 - 25 for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Santa Letters
Santa Letters must be in by Dec. 9. These will be run in the Christmas Special edition. It takes one person 48 - 60 hours to type them all and only up to 2nd grade please. We don’t have enough room for more. Special needs kids are excluded from the 2nd grade rule, of course.
We will send them off to Santa in time for Christmas.

January 5th Edition
We will be closed for the New Year’s Holiday Monday, Jan. 2. Deadline is Fri., Dec. 30th.

York votes to have all as Mayor Pro Tem


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Wendy Hills subdiv.
‘is fixing’ to close


Wreck injures one


Going to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving? Buckle up!


Miss UWA crowned


Senator Jeff Sessions tapped to be US Attorney General


Going from four to three lanes